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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Crossing the cattle guard or ...

Escape from dirtville

It looks harmless enough, right?

It almost didn't happen; the escape that is. A malfunctioning refrigerator, a propane leak, tires low (and no place to get air in dirtville) all worked against my leaving dirtville, permanently this time.

You see, in order to leave dirtville you must cross one of two cattle guards. There's a superstition that lives in Dirtvillian minds. Almost irrefutable proof exists that some other-worldly phenomna will prevent a person leaving if they are fleeing dirtville, forever.

Oh sure, you can go on a shopping trip to Vegas, Kingman, Bullhead City or Havasu. You can even take an extended vacation. But if you head towards the cattle guard with thoughts of  liberation, some type of trouble will befall you.

Having worked through all the issues placed in the way of escape, I headed for the cattle guard. Fingers crossed, prayers uttered, and talismans placed stratigically around the MoHo, I rolled down the hill into the flatlands.

When I reached the flatlands I realized Theo was not shifting into high gear. What the hell??!!!??? This is the same problem that's been worked on 5 times, for over a year. I've driven the rig numerous times without issue. WHAT. THE. FRIGGEN. HELL???

I went over the cattle guard, anyways. Now the rig won't shift from first into second. I turn around, defeated; my extraction from dirtville, thwarted.

I had already called any mechanically minded friends looking to get my tires aired and knew everyone was either in Vegas or Kingman. I have one friend in the flatlands, with RV hook ups. I call him, knowing he is in Kingman, and get the ok to park at his house.

At this point, I'm thinking my son is going to have to come and get me. He can borrow his dad's truck and trailer. We'll load all my stuff and I'll move in with him until I can find affordable digs. He'll be thrilled, no doubt!

When Jerry arrived home he took the MoHo for a spin.

OK. Who knew there's a little trick to get a transmission to shift when it doesn't want to? And why didn't you tell me? I've been driving trucks for almost 30 years; everything from Ford vans (E150s to E350s) to a 2-ton stepvan. The times that the vehicles shifted was a fluke??? The RV's transmission is fine, albeit on the older side. Sometimes it needs a little help shifting.


Proof that I made it to Vegas
Photo: Early birthday dinner with William Holland, Michael Holland at lotus of Siam in las Vegas. Happy 29th, will!

Celebrating my son's 29th birthday, with his dad, at the world famous Lotus of Siam in Las Vegas

Buh bye, dirtville! See you in the fall!

Many thanks to the wonderful, generous friends who made living in dirtville bearable and my liberation possible!

I'm headed to Quartzsite and the Rubber Tramp Rendezvous on Thursday. Hope to see you there!


  1. My friend, Cat, emailed me this response after reading the post.
    "that was good medicine. I laughed so hard cause it is so true.The curse of the cattle guard.I am glad you made it out alive,with all the odds against you.But, hate to tell you you'll be back. That is the other part of the curse no one leaves forever.True story! Love ya !"

    Maybe I'll meet my buddies on the other side of the cattle guard, when I return in the fall.

  2. Yay for leaving dirtville. See you at the Q!

  3. Has it really been almost 30 years since I taught you to drive? You were a good student.
    I hope you have a wonderful trip. My travels are not what I would like them to be due to work constraints and being stuck in Florida because of Mom's age and health. If I could, I'd be out West right now.
    Anyway, I particularly like the quote by Erika Harris, because I'm surely feeling lost right now. Guess that's a good thing (according to her).
    Happy trails and please tell Michael I said hello!

  4. Yipee Yi Yea, escape from Dirtville.

  5. Hi Cyndi....I posted a comment yesterday but I guess I messed it up,,,, the curse of the cattle guard I am certain....
    Also yay for leaving dirtville....and for spending your son's birthday with him and his pop.

    Really looking forward to seeing you and the Stumpster and some more nice time spent over the BB in your cabin...bring sage if you see any, will you...I need some for smudging....
    Big hugs from Dina and moi...

  6. hey cy, great story about driteville. see ya soon gary

  7. i forgot to say still want those conputer lessons gary

  8. Kim! DOUBLE, TRIPLE, QUADRUPLE yays for getting olut of dirtville!

    Karen! 30 years? Impossible!!! I've always loved getting lost and finding my way again. I plan on doing it a lot, once I am on the road. See you out there!!

    Thanks, Diane! Your day is coming!!!

    Bri, that damned cattle guard seems to have a pretty far reach. Can't wait to see you and Dina!

    Gary, looking forward to seeing you and Ishe. I've penciled in some computer lessons for you. This will make three years in a row we've attempted that. 3 times is the charm, they say!

  9. So... what was the secret to getting the MoHo to shift?

  10. Daniel, Thanks for visiting my blog!

    I was told, "when the engine is winding out and sounds ready to shift, to let up on the gas, for just a second." Seems to be working, unless I am going up a long or steep hill.