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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Plan K. Wait! No! Maybe it's Plan Q

I don't know, I've lost track.
So, I am pretty sure I am going to pass on the Shasta. It had a few problems that showed themselves in the inspection. Expensive problems.

I really thought this was it. Theo. The One. I really needed this one to be The One. My heart says go, my brain says no.

I'm going to be smart and listen to my head, for a change.

The thing is, I am REALLY sick of shopping for a rig. I've been doing it for a loooooooong time!

Maybe I should just build one. Like this:
funny car photos - No Motorhome? Build Your Own!
Some plywood, a little duct tape, a few tarps and we're ready to go.

Really, I want an RV for comfort and convenience. I want running water, the refrigeration, the bed, and the bathroom facilities. I want to be able to leave a campsite and know everything is, basically, secured.

Is this what I need? I really think it is, if I want to full time. But, in the meantime, can I live out of my truck without spending too much money to make it possible. I don't want to spend another summer in the desert!

And, can I continue to save money and shop for the RV without a base?

Should I use the Ouija Board or the Magic 8 Ball?

Moving forward...


  1. Oh dear, I just left you a long reply and it disappeared when I hit "post comment". Dontcha just hate it when that happens?

    Here's the gist: I just know you are going to find the perfect rig at the perfect time.

  2. I just realized you are in (or near) Parker. Do you follow full-timer Glenn's blog "To Simplify"? He has been in Parker receiving treatment for appendicitis for about 3 weeks.

    It's my favorite blog and I know you would love it to:

    I'm sorry I didn't make the connection til just now.

  3. Winter in the desert = NICE !

    Summer in the desert = Not so much !!

  4. Oh, Cyn!! I'm so bummed...maybe there's a lesson here. Like, finding the right RV isn't going to be as inexpensive as we had hoped. Back to the drawing boards...I was just browsing for a Thule, no freaking way!! Over $350 for JUST the rack to put it on!!!! Sheesh!!!!!! Poop...

  5. Kim, I DO hate when that happens. I'm about 3 hours from Parker. I'll definitely check out "To Simplify." I know I've stumbled across it in the past.

    Sassy, I TOTALLY agree!

    Pam, I still think it can be done, inexpensively. I just need to continue to be patient. And, in the man time I will continue to save so I have more, if I need it.

  6. I know that's disappointing, but later - when you've healed - you won't regret passing up an expensive wob of problems.



  7. Ouija board. Definitely.

    Those things don't lie.


  8. Roxanne, I can't regret it, at all. I'm just pretty sick of looking.

    OTOF, Ouija Board it is. Although I may use the Magic 8Ball for validation.

  9. As long as you are only on plan Q, you still have some more options left... don't get discouraged! I am happy that you are listening to your head on this!
    XO Deb

  10. Deb, No kidding, huh? I've still got a 1/4 of the alphabet to look forward to! xox

  11. I have to say Ouija board as well, with maybe a Tarot reading as a follow up. The little guy in the 8Ball has a weird sense of humour.
    Take your time and think positive thoughts. The right one is out there for you. And go to RV shows and fill out lots of contest forms. When I used to work for Woodall publishing I attended RV shows. At almost every one there was a tow vehicle or RV given away as a promotion.

  12. Dogsmom, I'm telling myself all of that and repeating frequently! I hadn't thought about Tarot as a back up, though!