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Friday, March 8, 2013

Thank you, Pascua Yaqui Tribe

Or in the language of the Pasqua Yaqui, "Kettu'i" meaning, "How kind!"

I spent three days as the guest of the Pascua Yaqui Tribe, at the Casino Del Sol, in Tucson, Arizona.

Never having casino camped,before, I was a bit leery. But, I was made to feel welcome and very comfortable by the other RVing guests, immediately.

Still, I thought I would leave the next morning, since I am not a fan of pavement camping.

I wasn't in the mood to drive the next morning so I decided to stay one.more day.I visited with the other parking lot inhabitants and really enjoyed their company.

Besides really nice neighbors we had a great view
And there were plenty of places to walk Stumpy. The Tribe is building a golf course which made for a really nice walk.

Waiting another day had it's perks.

I got to meet Roxanne, of The Good Luck Duck blog (Annie chose dumping tanks over meeting me. HMPH!!! Don't worry, Annie, I am over it.)
And then two of my RTR buddies showed up!
Tish and Ryan
Actually, Ryan, a nomad who blogs at New Age Nomad, was at the casino before I arrived. I just didn't find out until the night before I left.
I stayed three nights at the Casino Del Sol and really hated to leave.
Looking forward to seeing all of you again. And next time, meeting you, Annie! I told you I was over it!

Post RTR fun


By now, you've read all about the RTR on other blogs. If you haven't, a list of blog posts about this years' Rubber Tramp Rendezvous can be found here.

A number of us stayed on (and on and on and on) in Quartzsite, after the RTR. The party continued and the RTR just kept getting better.

Days often began with coffee, in front of Theo

Tish's mornings began later than ours

There was plenty of good food. Lesa made some tasty breakfasts; pancakes one morning and biscuits and gravy another.
I made a couple of meals for the gang

Among them a breakfast consisting of fry bread and sausage gravy
and a chicken curry dish
Brian made pot stickers and others contributed various dishes to make a really tasty dinner.

 Kev hosted a Super Bowl Party. Bryce made a delicious sausage soup.Steve brought chips and dip. Lindzee made humus and Brian made a cake.



The party continued until after dark.

We celebrated Brian's birthday with pizza and cake

Jenn was awoken on her birthday with  a rousing rendition of Happy Birthday that wouldn't end until she made an appearance. And we delivered breakfast, coffee and brownies. I know Jenn will be real sad to find out I can find those pictures anywhere.

Max and his wife, Bev, invited us down to his place for a fire, one night. Max is my hero. He's 86 and had both knees replaced about 10 years ago. He's put over 80,000 miles on those knees. His goal is 100, 000 miles. I hope to match his spirit and his miles!

I left Scaddan Wash and set up over at the Roadrunner BLM

My buddy Gilbert, from Dirtville came by

Gilbert let me win at poker, but he'll tell you I cheated.

Linda and D joined us

Who knew you could cook spaghetti squash on an open fire? Nicely done, D!

Linda made us Bangers and mashed, one night (that's sausage and smashed taters, Brit style)

Jenn and Brian (the Younger)came by and spent a few nights before heading to... who knows where?

I left Quartzsite on February 26 heading south and east. Many thanks, once again to D, for all his help with my rig; And to Gilbert and Brian for their help with Theo's solar set up!