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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Let the renovations begin! FINALLY!!!

It's been just over a year, since I brought Theo home (Before pictures can be seen at this link, also). Living in the middle of nowhere makes repairs a bit of a challenge. I am limited to local services that seem to be unreliable, at best.

After having transmission work done on the moho four times, it finally seems that those problems are under control.

I've had no less than five people offer to do the interior renovations I had planned. Four of those people ended up blowing me off.

The fifth person, and the person I should have do the work originally is, as I write, tearing Theo's insides out, renovating and refurbishing. The resulting metamorphosis will be the beginning of our life on the road.
Jerry tore out the toilet to find the floor rotted. Both the toilet and the floor will be replaced.
The carpet and two captains chairs were removed. He's laying down some cool vinyl plank flooring.  The chairs will not be replaced. It really opens up the living area!
The jack knife couch was removed and Jerry is building a day bed.
He's doing a lot of caulking this and tightening that.

We'll be moving into the RV at the end of this month. We have to remain between NW AZ and Las Vegas until early January, when we will head to Quartzsite for the 3rd Annual Winter RTR

Stumpy is looking forward to reuniting with her posse. And I can't wait to see my RTR family and meet new friends with whom I communicate on the Cheap RV Living forum and blogs.

See you out there!

*I'm still having problems with blogger. When I have a reading list, I do read your blogs. When blogger allows me to comment, which is rare, I comment. I know my blog isn't showing up on many reading lists, also. I've communicated with the powers that be, at blogger, and it seems there is nothing they can do to fix these issues. I can't help but wonder if I chose to pay to blog, through advertising or a custom domain, if the problems would disappear.