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Monday, June 6, 2011

Michigan Campground, reopened illegally..Majikally?

I read it on the Consumerist... an awesome resource for all kinds of information!

From the Mining Journal
"...Michigan Department of Natural Resources law enforcement officials are hoping the public can help them determine who pushed boulders out of the way, removed a dirt berm and forced locked rest rooms open at a closed state forest campground in northeastern Dickinson County... read more..."

I've camped in closed campgrounds a time or two (OK, maybe three.) I've got to say, I'm not opposed to the illegal camping, when it comes to the politicos taking home their big paychecks with perks and laying off Rangers, park staff and closing tax-payer's recreational areas.

Lauri Apple of the Gawker writes
"...Maybe both? Or maybe the park has been overtaken by magical forest fairies who turn to maintenance & repair as a way to distract themselves from the boredom of their serene, lonely lives. (FWIW, I'm going with "statement-maker.")..."

Maybe the trespassers should have a place on the state payroll! They did mow the lawn!

I wouldn't have broken the door handles to get into the rest rooms. That's definately vandalism and you've got the whole forest to yourself.