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Sunday, January 2, 2011

What DO I want?

Yup, that's the vehicle of my dreams. That and a couple of mules.

And here's a more modern version.

So, the better questions would be, "What do I need?" I have three main concerns: room, ease of driving and safety. I'd like enough room for myself, one or two dogs, and an occasional guest. I'd like to feel comfortable driving it in, even in congested traffic. I want to be able to pull over, whenever and where ever, to rest without having to "set up." I also would like to be able to drive away, without having to get out of the trailer and into another vehicle. I'd like to have enough room for an occasional guest.

I ruled out Class A's, pretty much right off the bat. Although, If I found a smaller one, I would certainly go look at it.

Class B's? Too small for myself and two dogs. And there is no room for guests. Again, if the right one crossed my path, I would consider it.

Travel trailers? I had intended to purchase my home last year, to take to the east coast. When I couldn't find the motor home I wanted, I ended up buying a small pick up truck. The truck is too small to pull anything but the lightest of travel trailers. Again, I'm not ruling them out. I love the Burros, Scamps, Casitas, and Shasta's I especially love the retro TTs. But a travel trailer doesn't meet even my bare bones criteria. I'd probably hold out, unless someone gave it to me!

Class C, it is then.
I haven't any preferences, when it comes to make and model, yet. I'm emotionally invested in Ford products, but the make of the vehicle would never be a deal breaker. I lived in a 24' travel trailer, for a year and a half, and found the space to be quite adequate. So, something between 21 and 26 feet, with the bed in the back (if there is extra sleeping space) would work.

Also, the vehicle should have a big enough engine to tow my Ford Ranger.

Of course, I would like it to have all the necessary power sources: generator batteries. Solar panels, too, would be a bonus. Anything that's already installed is going to save me money, in the long run (I would hope.)

Price range? I learned a long time ago never to be the first to reveal your budget in negotiations. She who reveals last, wins.