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Friday, January 14, 2011

"The best laid schemes..."

I'm sure you're familiar with the rest of the saying...

I made it to Quartzsite and the borrowed rig ran like a top (I was mistaken, by the way, it's a 1979.) I had a little problem when I passed the rendezvous site and ran into what looked like too much of a ditch for the RV (and my heart) I had to back up a loooooooong ways. At this point I still didn't realize I had passed by the camp site. So I passed them by again and found a place to turn around. It was because the road was banked with stones, that I had to back up so far. I pulled into the first available flat space and proceeded to set up camp. I figured I could be the greeter! Anyways, Bob came by later and we figured out who each other was. But, by then I was happy to settle in for the day.

The picture below is looking towards the RTR, you can just make out their rigs.

My main concern was getting the fridge turned on so as not to lose 3 weeks worth of food I had prepared. Yeah, that didn't happen. At first i couldn't get the pilot lit and then I got the pilot lit but it wouldn't stay lit. !@#$!!%$**&!!!!!
Even cussing didn't help! Fortunately, the refrigerator is well insulated and everything was still frozen, even those items in the fridge! I figured it was good until tomorrow morning and I would work on it then. Or I could power the fridge by generator in the morning, to bring the temperature back down and keep what was frozen frozen.

I went outside and joined Stumpy in relax mode.

Next up water.
Keep in mind the my son and his father worked all weekend to make sure everything was in running order.

So I turn on the water pump and no water. @#$%^&*!!!! yeah, that still didn't help. By now it was dark so I couldn't really see what the problem was. I could however see the water running across the floor when I turned on the pump! AWESOME!!!

"OK, I'll deal with this in the morning, too." I told myself (or the dog, as if she cared)

It was a gorgeous night! And today is gorgeous, too. There's a massive leak in the hose going from the tank to the water heater. I think I'll have to empty the tank to replace the hose. :(
The generator is running, cooling off the fridge. As soon as the fridge is nicely chilled I'll move camp and join the others up the hill.

Don't sweat the small stuff!

"The best laid schemes of mice and men often, go oft awry..." .... The saying is adapted from a line in “To a Mouse,” by Robert Burns.”