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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Theo is that you? I've been looking for so long...

I took a drive to Nevada today, to see an RV that belongs to a friend of a friends' parents.

I'm afraid I have fallen in love.

She's a 1989 Shasta Reverie E350. She's got a 460 engine with 57,000 miles.

Both the cab

and the living area look brand spanking new.

There's a bed

and bath

in the back.

My friend was laughing at the mauve interior. Sooooooo 1980's. I informed her that it was NOT mauve. It was dusty rose, and as long as it wasn't white I sure didn't care!

The owner wasn't sure if she was 22 or 23 feet. The body is faded, but without dents or rust. All manuals and maintenance records are intact.

She's got an Onan 4.0 generator and a Norcold 3-way fridge. There's a heavy duty tow package installed and she comes with a cargo carrier.

I looked underneath and there was definitely a drip, that had stained the ground below :( The owner mentioned a long time power steering fluid leak that he just always kept extra fluid available and filled it as needed.

A friend of mine is going to check out the leak. The hoses are as old as the vehicle, so I am hoping that's the problem.

I'll know more after that.

I hope the sellers don't read this! if they find out I am already hooked, they may up the price!