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Sunday, May 22, 2011

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Sheep camp, Box Elder Creek, 1910. Photo by H. R. Daniel.

Last year, I picked up my lil Ford Ranger for a trip to the East Coast. I had been looking for an RV, but as the summer began to wane I decided to buy something I could tow, later. I looked at some larger trucks and decided against them since I was really focused on a Class C.

As you know, I'm still shopping for the RV. I look at all kinds of vehicles but am more focused on something the Ranger can tow, or something that can tow the Ranger.

The other day I ran across these beauties.

This is the Timberline XL, a 23' trailer.
Below are pictures of the standard package, including a wood stove.

All of the Timberline trailers can be customized.

Below, is the 14' Old Timer.

Standard equipment includes:
•14’ Camp
•Wagon Style running gear
•Fifth wheel turn table (not tie-rod)
•Full Bed
•Large tinted windows
•2-12vdc lights
•12vdc outlet
•Solar panel
•Dutch door
•Large wood stove w/oven
•Gas light
•2 burner gas cook top
•Benches and Cabinets w/plenty of storage space
•Pin type draw bar and hitch on rear
•Painted interior
•Vinyl flooring
•Galvanized exterior
•Metal lined under carriage
•5gal propane tank
•2 stage propane regulator

It doesn't have the pretty wood interior of the larger model, above. Nor does it have a bathroom. If I haven't found the RV I want by the end of the year, one of these could be at the top of my list.

I'll be calling for the specs, tomorrow. I'm wondering, too, about hauling that on a highway. A little top heavy in the event of a stiff breeze?