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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Plan K. Wait! No! Maybe it's Plan Q

I don't know, I've lost track.
So, I am pretty sure I am going to pass on the Shasta. It had a few problems that showed themselves in the inspection. Expensive problems.

I really thought this was it. Theo. The One. I really needed this one to be The One. My heart says go, my brain says no.

I'm going to be smart and listen to my head, for a change.

The thing is, I am REALLY sick of shopping for a rig. I've been doing it for a loooooooong time!

Maybe I should just build one. Like this:
funny car photos - No Motorhome? Build Your Own!
Some plywood, a little duct tape, a few tarps and we're ready to go.

Really, I want an RV for comfort and convenience. I want running water, the refrigeration, the bed, and the bathroom facilities. I want to be able to leave a campsite and know everything is, basically, secured.

Is this what I need? I really think it is, if I want to full time. But, in the meantime, can I live out of my truck without spending too much money to make it possible. I don't want to spend another summer in the desert!

And, can I continue to save money and shop for the RV without a base?

Should I use the Ouija Board or the Magic 8 Ball?

Moving forward...