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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Free camping

We camp for free when ever possible, and most of the time it's very possible. This might include overnighting at truck stops, Walmart or casinos. But, we avoid the blacktop camping as much as possible. My very favorite website to find resource to find free camping is
The people that created and own are good friends. But, that's not why I use this valuable resource. This is my favorite because users are able to contribute and are updating the camping information constantly. Also, this is the grandfather of all the free camping resources, on the net. The owners are experienced techies and make the website VERY user friendly. They respond, immediately, to any concerns or problems you may have, if they're in a place with internet access. And they're eager to hear our ideas with regard to making the website better. You'll never be patronized or talked down to.

Almost more important than anything else, J & J are out there, full-timing, van dwelling, free and wild camping 365/7/24. They understand our needs and desires as people who live a minimalist lifestyle, that want to be out and living in nature on a very frugal budget.

All the pictures in this post are free campsites I found on as I traveled cross country.

Most recently, I traveled from Massachusetts to Nevada. It was kind of a rushed trip (3 weeks to cross is rushing for me) because I had a couple of delays and a commitment in AZ.

Because of that, we did a lot of parking lot camping.

We did find these two great sites on
In Elk City, Oklahoma, below

And the picture above was taken in Hereford, TX. Both sites are located in city parks with a lake and provided free electricity. The park in Hereford, TX also gave us access to water. Hot showers were available at the YMCA, located at the same address and situated in front of the RV park. also has a facebook page

Sunday, November 1, 2015

On the road, again, FINALLY!

We started here:

and then moved into Theo

After 2 years in Theo, we decided she was really too big and too much responsibility with all those systems that needed maintaining. So we traveled in our little 2005 Pontiac Vibe. Love that car!
And here's our latest home
We've been in MA for almost a year and a half. although it's really hard leaving the people we love. the thought of spending another winter here... well, I can't even bare to think about it never mind actually do it.
We leave in just a few days and I'm excited to be back on the road and heading for sunshine and warmth! Hope to see you out there!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Rubber Tramp Rendezvous 2015: A collection of blog posts

I didn't make the RTR this year, but have scoured the internet looking for blog posts. Here's what I've found.

"This is a (YouTube) interview with Jess from New York. She is writing a book about mobile and nomadic living. She was a joy to talk to and an inspiration to follow my dreams."

Edited to add:

A YouTube interview with Bob Wells

Thanks to everyone who took the time to document the event. See you next year, for sure!