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Monday, January 30, 2012

The Dome Rock Pack Reunites for RTR 2012

Last year bonds were formed and Stumpy's posse, the Dome Rock Pack paw-teeeeed 24/7 at RTR2011.  the pack reunited for RTR 2012

Make no mistake, the RTR is a dog friendly event. The interaction between the pack members is one of my favorite things about this gathering. (Yes, I love all you people, but the dogs really complete the event.) I was REALLY looking forward to Stumpy running wild with her buddies. When we first pulled in my heart sank. I saw more than one dog on a leash and immediately thought, "ACK! How on earth am I going to convince Stumpy that she will not be able to run wild with her posse.

Fortunately, that was not the case. There were a few dogs there, that for whatever reason were restrained. (I appreciate responsible humans that know and understand their dogs' behavior and/or limits and act accordingly! xox THANK YOU!!!)

Again, I use the excuse of the new camera, broken laptop, the (insert as many four letter words, as many times as you want) sloooooooooooooow netbook and blogger issues for the lack of pictures and the quality of the photos I post, here. I've even resorted to recycling pictures from last years post!

Stumpy's nemesis, Rain arrived on Tuesday. A cattle dog stink eye stare down ensued, immediately.
Rain really matured over the year and was able to meet and hold Stumpy's gaze. There was no winner.

Returning pack members included:

Homer, our handsome host

Izzie left early last year, so I had no pictures of him. Izzie was rescued, as a very sick puppy, from the streets of Mexico and is living happily ever after.

Dina handled crowd control and security, both canine and human, much to Bri's dismay. I think she did a great job!

Kelly, the matriarch

Rain was everywhere! She  provided hours of entertainment with her many talents. Some of which I captured on video. But, I have no idea how to transfer the new camera's video format to the computer or YouTube.



Tony was there to make sure everyone got enough lovin'

Mia's here!

New pack members included ( I apologize for not knowing everyone's names)
A couple of Labs, at least one is a service dog.

2 Italian Greyhounds and a Whippet, named Wicca



Tawny, a pit bull mix, an English setter, a beagle and  two chihuahuas were among the dogs that are not pictured. I estimate over 20 dogs in our encampment. There were a couple of little squabbles, but amazingly all the dogs get along, in their own way.

It's interesting to note that almost every traveler's dog, that I have met, is a rescue or shelter dog. Another thing to love about people on the road!


Stumpy didn't have her own chair this year (HORRORS!) She became one of those people who show up at a camp without chairs and steal whatever is available. 

  Meet and greet

Mia spent a couple days at Stumpy's house while her partner went to work
 She made herself right at home!

This year rehab/boot camp began early, before we left camp!
Rain! Over here!

I can't help but believe that Stumpy is looking forward to seeing her posse, again, just as much as I am looking forward to seeing members of my RTR family at RTR 2013, if not before. Who knows where???

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Sunday, January 29, 2012

More RTR

Just some pictures 

Soup night: Saturday, January 14.
I heard this concoction referred to as "Suicide Soup." Everyone threw in a can of whatever and  called it dinner.  We filled a 5 gallon pot and there wasn't much left over. 

To my knowledge, the kitchen received no complaints.

After dinner 
There were no casualties.

Silvianne and Ay prepare a breakfast of pancakes, eggs, sausage and bacon, Sunday, January 15
Come and get it!
Kudos to Silvianne, Myrna and Ay! It was chilly and they were up cooking EARLY!

Bri, Mike, Jerry and Steve solving the world's problems, no doubt.

Sunday morning, Jan 15

Stumpy spent her free time testing various laps. Johnny's was one of her many favorites!

George, Bob and Ay relaxing after breakfast.

Sunday afternoon, Jan 15


Jerry demonstrates repurposing aluminum cans into wind spinners

Thursday afternoon, January 19, enjoying the shade at Nelda's and Jerry's house 
Nelda strikes a pose!

Suanne, Nelda and Ay learn to make frybread in Theo's kitchen.
Cheri and Linda prepare the chili for Indian tacos.

Monster rig

Sam and Judy receive their "Best Bedder of Women" award at Kirk's Tiki Party, Sunday, January 22.

Friday, January 27, 2012

The Rubber Tramp Rendezvous just keeps getting better!

I just returned from the 2nd Annual Rubber Tramp Rendezvous, in Quartzsite and I am already looking forward to RTR 2013!

I met people whose blog I have followed and/or chatted with on the Cheap RV Living forum. And plenty of attendees of last year’s RTR returned for the gathering.

I wasn’t as mobile as I would have liked (new knees on order, installation expected in April! YIPEEEE!!!!) so I didn’t get as many pictures but I’ll share those that I did. I’m also learning to use a new camera and was less than satisfied with my efforts.

Dome Rock Campsite Tuesday, 1/10

Each morning begins with various people meeting for an early morning walk.

There was a schedule of informal seminars/discussions and several impromptu colloquiums were held, also.

Brian shares information about camping on the Gulf coast of Texas

Izzie listens eagerly to the discussion. He's ready for the beach, Gary!

Cheri teaches the art of wire wrapping gemstones.

By the weekend about fifty rigs had arrived for the gathering. Vans, cars, tents, 5ers, TTs, Class Cs, Bs and As were all well represented.


Looks like blogger is done letting me upload pictures so this is it for today. I'll keep trying!

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It was great to see Many Wheels Bri, again.

Niko the Nomad had some fun!

Ay and Jay enjoyed their stay in camp

Kirk BBQ'd pheasant wrapped in bacon and opened the Tiki Bar for us.

Ayo and Yair did some climbing during their stay.

Suanne posted her thoughts and some great pictures (and made a delicious beef stew, one night, for the whole camp!

More to come!