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Monday, February 25, 2013

It Took A Village

I mean a tribe, to get Theo road worthy. And that tribe can be found at the RTR in Quartzsite, in January.

When I left dirtville, I thought Theo, was almost ready to go. A few minor repairs when I got to Vegas and we would FINALLY be on the road.

Repairs completed, we headed for Quartzsite. Unfortunately, Theo was not quite ready to hit the road. When we arrived,a downpour brought more leaks in the roof. We discovered the transmission was leaking, yet,again. The generator was blowing black smoke. AND I was still hoping to get my solar system installed, too. With the exception of the generator,all these issues had been dealt with previously.

Cue the Mighty Mouse Theme song

First up, my buddy Steve (AKA 4x4 Steve) goes to work on the generator, discovering that in spite of me paying to have the work done, it's probably been years since the oil, filter or plugs were changed. It's still a noisy, stinky generator. But it runs great. And it is a little less stinky and noisy

Thanks, Steve!

DH tackled the solar with help from Gilbert, Blars and Joey and numerous other people stopping by to offer assistance and advice. Also, I was trucked around town by good friends, Katie and Cheri to pick up various parts.

Not long after the RTR DH,Gilbert and Brian attached the flexible pane to the roof, permanently.

You guys are the best!

Blars hooked me up with LED lights

Muchas Gracias, Blars!

Magic Mike the Mechanic put my transmission problems to rest

Thank you, Mike! You've restored my confidence in Theo's ability to get me everywhere!

Brian and Bryce patched Theo's roof and leaks

Love you guys!

Of course, I have Bob to thank for organizing the RTR; an event I've attended 3 years running. I sooooooooooooo look forward to this gathering, reuniting with old friends and meeting new friends.

And I must thank Jerry and Nelda for keeping me charged before Theo got her solar power.

I could and should probably go on and on. I am sure I missed at least a few people who were more than happy to help me out and keep my spirits up when Theo's repairs seemed insurmountable.

Thanks, everyone! See ya next year!