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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Rubber Tramp Rendezvous: Here's what you've missed so far

I ran out of data/air time so I had to wait to post. We're having a great time. There are so many good people here! It's great fun checking out every one's rigs, picking people's brains and hearing their stories. I can't even guess how many people have been in and out of camp. The weather has been AWESOME! The days have been warm, with temperatures in the low 80's one afternoon. Nights have been chilly, but that's why we have campfires.

Saturday January 15

Informational sharing: Bob led a discussion with regard to solar power. There are many knowledgeable people here and we're hoping to do an actual install, later. (When I say we, I don't mean me. I'll document with the camera!)

Alex making "community soup" for dinner

A mini swap meet (we all have stuff we don't use, you can sell it or give it away here.)

Gorgeous sunset

Nightly bonfire (a couple of attendees showed off their juggling skills, including juggling lit torches! Video's uploaded when I return to civilization or on the 27th if I haven't exceeded my data limit)

Sunday (Jan 16) Sunrise

Bob led a discussion with regard to use of public lands


Monday (Jan. 18)
Morning at the campfire

You could have learned to juggle! Johnny gave Alex juggling lessons

Friday (Jan 21)
Sandy showed how to install a hightop on a van

Kirk shares his knowledge and use of wind power

I didn't take pictures, but on Monday we also had a group of women gather to discuss Rving/van dwelling and life on the road. Our discussion broached a number of subjects including safety, guns, traveling alone, our choice of rigs and so many more. Awesome women, great role models and plenty of laughs!

If you'd like to meet the Quartzsite RTR dogs, Stumpy introduces them on her blog.

More, tomorrow! I broke down and bought more air/data!