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Monday, January 3, 2011

Dog is my co-pilot

That's right! And her name is Stumpy. We've been traveling together since March of 2007. She's pretty easy to get along with. As long as our schedule includes food and some walks, she's amenable.

Stumpy is a seasoned traveler. Besides many smaller trips she has journeyed from the East coast to the West Coast and back five times.

Her duties are extensive and her job description is very detailed. Among other duties, she's also my service dog.

(you can help feed shelter dogs by making a postcard, such as this. More details can be found at the Pet Postcard Project

And in times of trouble and stress (or any time at all) she is happy to provide comedic relief to a situation.

Stumpy also has her own blog: Stumpy's Daily Dose 'o" Dirtville, that documents her daily doggie doings, while we're domiciled in dirtville.


  1. Glad to find your blog (via Me & My Dog). Like you, I am looking for a rig to purchase in the next 10 months or so. I completely relate to the search - it will be fun to follow along as you make your decision. What a cute pup!


  2. Kim, thanks for stopping by! We can share war stories with regard to finding the right moho! looking forward to seeing you out there!

  3. SpottyDog! Is Stumpy short for Stumpalina? Stumplestiltskin? She's a good dancer.

  4. Good Luck Duck, those spots, in the heeler world, are referred to as naughty spots. the more spots the naughtier the dog. Seems true. Stumpalina, I like that! her name is really Jibesek. which means rotten little stump. Long sotry...