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Sunday, May 22, 2011

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Sheep camp, Box Elder Creek, 1910. Photo by H. R. Daniel.

Last year, I picked up my lil Ford Ranger for a trip to the East Coast. I had been looking for an RV, but as the summer began to wane I decided to buy something I could tow, later. I looked at some larger trucks and decided against them since I was really focused on a Class C.

As you know, I'm still shopping for the RV. I look at all kinds of vehicles but am more focused on something the Ranger can tow, or something that can tow the Ranger.

The other day I ran across these beauties.

This is the Timberline XL, a 23' trailer.
Below are pictures of the standard package, including a wood stove.

All of the Timberline trailers can be customized.

Below, is the 14' Old Timer.

Standard equipment includes:
•14’ Camp
•Wagon Style running gear
•Fifth wheel turn table (not tie-rod)
•Full Bed
•Large tinted windows
•2-12vdc lights
•12vdc outlet
•Solar panel
•Dutch door
•Large wood stove w/oven
•Gas light
•2 burner gas cook top
•Benches and Cabinets w/plenty of storage space
•Pin type draw bar and hitch on rear
•Painted interior
•Vinyl flooring
•Galvanized exterior
•Metal lined under carriage
•5gal propane tank
•2 stage propane regulator

It doesn't have the pretty wood interior of the larger model, above. Nor does it have a bathroom. If I haven't found the RV I want by the end of the year, one of these could be at the top of my list.

I'll be calling for the specs, tomorrow. I'm wondering, too, about hauling that on a highway. A little top heavy in the event of a stiff breeze?


  1. I'm afraid the woodstove would be a turm off for me. :( Wood is awful heavy to carry, and in that small space I think you could get too warm real quick. Sorry...

  2. Cyndi, I love this idea...what a cool trailer it would be....I don't know if it would be much of a superslab cruiser but you sure could haul it from place to place for more extended stays....they have a huge amount of character and to the contrary of what Judy and Emma say, the woodstove is a deal-maker for me...I love wood heat....I have a wood stove in my bus....I would love to get a ballpark set of numbers on these once you call them....

  3. I would not like wood heat. I have it in my home in the form of wood-stoves. I also have central heat. In my Santa Fe home I had 100% wood heat but that was over 30 years ago. I didn't mind restarting the heat on those cold mornings. So, are you going camping in the cold? I wish you would look at this site at all the 'lite' trailers.
    Look esp. at the TaDa!

  4. Judy, I think I like the option of a wood stove and I can always use it for extra storage space!

    Bri, I plan on staying more than traveling, so it might work for me! I'll keep you posted on the specs, etc.

    Michael, Thanks for the link! When I look at the new trailers/RVs they look so plastic-y and not built to last (especially for full-timing!) the Timberline seem more old school to me. I've added the link to my daily meanderings, though. You just never know!

  5. looks pretty roomy, but is that the table right under the bed? how do you get in and out of bed?

  6. Neat rig!

    I'm sure you have considered a Casita or Scamp - a lightweight trailer than can be towed by a small truck. Might be too small for full-timing although people do it.

    There are used units out there. They range in size from 13 - 17 ft. I had a 16' years ago and am looking to get a 17' in the next couple of months. Here's a link to 3 helpful forums that have classified adds for used units:

    Craig's List is another great source.

    The Casita factory can give you the name of a local owner who has agreed to show the trailer to potential buyers.

  7. Carey, It apprears the table slides in, when you're not using it, a great space saver!

    Kim, I cruise a number of forums, BBs and of course Craiglist and other classified boards, daily. I haven't seen the casitaclub board, before. Thanks!

    Cyndi & Stumpy @ RVly Ever After

  8. cool little trailer. Love the woodstove. Burn wood at home, and it's always been a camping theme. As far as the stability, I have two of these type trailers, although one is currently a flatbed, and the other a big mobile billboard. If the bottom is good and heavy and your wheels are all the way out to the end of the frames on the sides, they are more stable than any RV with wheels in the center only. Their only drawback is they can be hell to back up