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Monday, February 4, 2013

A Collection of Blog Posts: 2013 Winter Rubber Tramp Rendezvous, Quartzsite, AZ

Since I am being lazy about posting (Read: enjoying myself waaaaay too much) about this year's totally awesome RTR, here is a collection of others' posts about this years Rubber Tramp Rendezvous.

Kim, The Travels of Kimbopolo

Two dirty hippies (Sorry guys, I’ll never think of you as anything, but. And that’s a wonderful thing!)

Bri, Many Wheels and Blue Sky Expeditions

Bob, Cheap RV Living

Kirk, Western Hunting and Travel Adventures and our host with the most at the infamous Tiki Bar (sending pics, soon, Kirk!)

Hoboberg, New Age Nomad

Randy/Caravan Adventure/Mobile Kodgers

Jeanne, On The Road With Riley

Pennie and Lennie, Fulltime RVers

Brian, A Guy, A Dog, A Rig and A Dream

Edited to add

Blars, our very own Techno-Viking

Edited to add Linda's blog
If I've missed a post, from your blog, regarding the RTR, let me know in the comments and I'll add it to the list.



  1. Cool...thanks Cyndi...where do I see a pic of you and the Stumpster?????
    And your new rig-a-ma-roll?


  2. thank's cyndi, for the pix's and the conputer lessons,it was good to see you an stumping again.oh an riely! gary

  3. My belated RTR posting is finally up

  4. Hey there, Cyndi N Stumpy, haven't seen you in a Long Time! We're visiting another blog and saw you. Wanted yo say hello and send a bark hello to Stumpy!
    Ernie and the pack of furkids

  5. Hi Cyndi and Stumpy! Email us and we'll get together while you're here. If you want to. No pressure.

  6. Here you go.

  7. Sounds Ducky, R! I will for sure (actually, I already have and really enjoyed your company!)