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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

RV Service Review - Discount RV Repairs, Henderson, NV

There's a very good reason you might wait for Mark Ornbaum, owner of Discount RV Repair. He is busy, because he is THAT good!

I called Discount RV Repairs after finding them on the RV Service Reviews website (link located on the right sidebar); what should be your bible for finding reliable services, on the road. Five reviewers gave Mark and Discount RV Repair five excellent grades for the services provided.

I spoke with Mark, directly, and he told me he would be out later that same afternoon. Upon his arrival it was discovered that I needed a new propane regulator box. The repair could be tricky because regulator boxes have gotten bigger since the one on my moho had been installed (1988?) He said he would look, on Sunday for the part, and return Monday afternoon to finish the job.

I waited on Monday but Mark did not call or show up. I left a message, asking how late he would be working. I already knew he worked late, since on Saturday he didn't get to me until after dark.

Mark called Tuesday morning and apologised profusely for  not getting back to me on Monday. He was, literally, up to his elbows in someone's black tank, until 10pm. More importantly, he was on his way.

Mr. Ornbaum arrived in good humor and, in no time at all, the propane regulator box was installed. Mark then went above and beyond and crawled underneath the motor home to look at a leak. RV discount Repairs does not handle mechanical problems, but Mark was happy to advise me.

When presenting the VERY reasonable bill for services Mark explained the he did not charge a mobile service fee in order to make up for keeping me waiting!

Thanks, Mark and Discount RV Repairs, for a job well done!

Discount RV Repair
529 Holick Ave, Henderson, NV 89009
(702) 565-3831
Location on Google Maps          
Latitude: 36.062734 Longitude: -114.996438

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Stay tuned for more service reviews! It appears my transmission is still leaking AND there's an oil leak, too! Oh! Don't forget the the (brand new!!!!) battery is not getting juice to the house!!!  It could be worse, right?

Cartoon courtesy of Joe Schmidt, "Used with permission-2013" one time, and for no other purpose or monetary gain, with no other rights given or implied.

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Thanks, Joe, for the laughs and the use of your artwork!


  1. Oh boy, transmissions...know that one well. Had to have mine rebuilt while I was on the road last summer. Not fun!
    Battery issue, is your converter working properly? Had to replace mine - was easy, did it myself. Oil leaks..ugh!!! Hope all can be fixed without too much trouble.

    Cool on the no charge!! I got charged out the wazoo on my transmission the cost of the two trips to my RV. Ouch.

  2. Cyn, I've had EVERYTHING done to that transmission, multiple times over the past year. My mechanic insists it doesn't need it. Maybe should have just gone for it anyways...