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Sunday, December 11, 2011

FIVE STAR RV Service Review: Russel's RV and Auto Service, Kingman, AZ

Russel's RV and Auto Service
4065 North Bank Street
Kingman, AZ 86401
(928) 692-1717

This is a company that knows the value of customer service!

I found Russel's through a local newspaper review of their services. Originally, I had taken my Ford Ranger in for basic maintenance, after purchasing it. I was impressed with their ethics and customer service, then. That hasn't changed.

I, totally, admit to being somewhat anal and high maintenance when it comes to my vehicles' care. You know the type: completely lacking in knowledge, lots of questions and too many opinions. The staff at Russel's were patient and smiled throughout all our dealings, both on the phone and in person.

Because this was a used purchase the techs/mechanics went over everything.

Services/repairs included:

Complete post purchase inspection (chassis and coach, inside and out)
Basic maintenance
generator repair
some modifications
tire repair and extended valve installation

As a woman, I am very aware of the possibility that I could be an easy target. The service adviser, John, listened to what I had to say. If he had a question he called to make sure I was on board with his ideas and estimate. He let me know if something needed to be taken care of right away, or if it could wait and gave me estimates for future modifications.

The whole experience was pleasant and stress-free. Everyone, from Sue in the office, to the mechanics and techs were friendly, personable and professional. It was easy to see they were grateful that I chose to support their business

As a side note, they have a comfortable and clean waiting area with snacks and coffee!

John called the following week to make sure I was happy with their service and all systems were go!

Thanks to everyone at Russel's, for the great service they provide.

I hope those of you using RV service repairs will take the time to offer a review of services at RV Service Reviews. Just this morning, I logged on to a forum and someone was looking for a service provider in a very rural area. i was able to provide her with a contact in the area who had recieved excellent reviews.

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  1. Isn't it just wonderful when you find a repair service that you are so happy with. I use service reviews all the time. I sometimes get the message that I'm not following any blogs so I just refresh the page and then they show up again. But I never have any trouble posting comments.

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  3. Finding good vehicle repair is as important as finding a good spouse, pet and doctor.

    I'll have to keep this place in mind if I'm ever in the area.

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