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Saturday, March 23, 2013

A Love Story: Truth or Consequences (New Mexico, pt. 2 )

I LOVED Truth or Consequences! Enough so, that I will consider it as a possibility for my home-base, when I am ready to make that decision.

We stayed at the Artesian Bath House and RV Park. The park and facilities are older, but very clean and the owner, Bill, is awesome! He will go out of his way to make sure his guests are happy and comfortable. The rates are beyond reasonable.

·$100.00 per month plus electric
·$65.00 weekly plus electric
·$20.00 Nightly full hookup
·$15.00 Nightly electric only
·$10.00 Nightly dry camp

The park is situated close enough to the downtown area that you can walk, everywhere: to the grocery store, the post office, the galleries, restaurants and museums.

It's also only a block from the Rio Grande. At the water front park there are hiking trails, fishing and the unofficial dog park.The Rio Grande was much grander at this point.

To top off a wonderful week, my friends Alan, Joann and Snickers joined me for a few days.

They took me out sight-seeing (next post), fed me, allowed me to watch TV in their big, comfortable 5th wheel and spoiled Stumpy rotten. Best of all were the multiple daily dog walks along the river.

Just when I thought the whole Tor C experience couldn't get any better we met up with local resident and my RTR buddy, Bri and his lovely wife Kit, who I had been dying to meet for years. They were kind enough to give us a tour of their lovely residence and their many wheels.

Joann, Alan, Bri and I then went to Maria's, a wonderful Mexican Restaurant, in the Williamsburg section (Thanks Bri!) of Tor C, for lunch. One day, I swear, I am going to order something other than Chile rellanos. But, GAWD! I just can't seem to help myself!

Thanks to my good friends for a great time, lots of laughs and memories to last a lifetime!

As a side note, Briii has a sweet, older, converted short bus for sale. You can contact him through his blog.

I am done trying to align things in this blog. Blogger can do whatever it likes (and does.)




  1. I'm with you - we loved T or C. Just loved it and the people were so friendly and wonderful. If it didn't get so cold there in the winter time I would love to spend more time there also. Glad you enjoyed it.

  2. Hi Cyndi...nice report....only one correction from an anal-retentive compulsive editor....Maria's is in the Williamsburg area and not Hillsboro...Hillsboro is a sweet little town on the way up to Emory Pass in the Black Range and Silver City, Gila Wilderness etc.

    I know once I can tempt you into home basing here (where you can still buy a little lot and trailer, shack, tinyhouse, etc, quite reasonably..hint, hint) you will commit the place names to memory...hehehe


  3. Oooh the food of NM!!! Nothing like it anywhere... Craving enchiladas with green sauce (hatch chilies, of course!)

  4. Thanks for the share! One hundred a month that is a sweet deal. If your there during the chili harvest be sure to stock up the are spectacular.

  5. So great that you get to see and meet friends along the way! Love hearing about your travels, too!

  6. I'm Enjoying RVly Ever After.. Love hearing and seeing what's been going on. Can't wait til you get here!

  7. Glad you had a rewarding stay at T or C. And happy to hear that Stumpy got some spoiling. (I know she's unaccustomed to that - LOL!).

    And thanks for sharing the info about the RV park. I'm saving that one. Good owner, good prices, and a short walk to anywhere - sounds ideal.

    P.S. I'm with ya on the chile rellanos!

  8. Sounds like an interesting place. Maybe I'll stop there next winter for a while.

  9. Thanks for stopping by to visit. Glad you have not forgotten us. We went back and read some of your earlier postings. Sounds like you and Stumpy are Really enjoying your selves. Sounds like fun and getting to see so many places and meet new friends and furiends
    Ernie and the pack of furkids mom barb too

  10. We've got TorC in our sights this spring. Enough people rave about it that we need to check it out for a while.

  11. Jim and Sandie, I just fell in love with everything in T or C. Can't wait to return!

    Ryan, I so badly want fresh roasted green chiles. I hope to be there next year in season.

    Carey, I love sharing these cool places!

    Lois, I am so very glad you are enjoying my travels, with me!

    Kim, it's a great park. some of the residents are worth the fee just for the entertainment value!

    Judy, definitely put T or C on your agenda. You won't be sorry. The birds on the Rio Grande will provide you with a lot of photo opportunities!

    Ducks, maybe I'll see you there. It's on my list for the spring and the fall!