Living my long standing dream, I've joined the ranks of the esteemed RV Fulltimer

Monday, January 31, 2011

Rubber Tramp Rendezvous: Outtakes

Click on the pictures to biggify!


  1. thank-you, thank-you! so many beloved familiar faces, and so many new faces i want to meet! i love the one of brian the elder with the paw prints on his skirt!

  2. Really enjoyed the "non-posed " pictures. Looks like a unique diverse group of kindred spirits.


  3. Great photos!!! I miss it already! What is up with Brian's Hair in that last few photos??? Hahaha Lovin' it! If you are ever on my part of the country (SC/NC) give me a shout~ you always have a place to camp at my house. :D

    ~Laura Anne, Trey & Lenny

  4. Hoboknitter, Brian rocks that skirt, doesn't he?

    FLL, I can't wait to live it, full-time. I realize the RTR was more of a party, but to be out there...all day, everyday? I am definitely ready!

    Kelly, we were so diverse, in every way you could think of ... and yet we were all related (M'sit Nokamaq)

    Laura and Trey! Brian fully approved of my use of that photo...just sayin'! I'm looking to spend a little time in the NC?SC area before heading north in 2012, so I'll definitely be looking you up. You always have a place to stay in dirtville (for as long as I am stuck here, anyways)