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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Rubber Tramp Rendezvous, Quartzsite, AZ (pt. 2)

Saturday, Jan. 22
Kaite and Alex started our day with pancakes, sausage and smiles! I'm feeling a little bad for you people that didn't experience this!

After breakfast Bob led a discussion and other members of the community shared their experiences and knowledge with regard to work camping.

Later, Jerry showed us how to make wind spinners out of aluminum cans

One section finished

Completed spinner

Watch for Jerry's "How-To" video on YouTube or contact him directly for an appearance at a venue near you!

Sunday, Jan. 23

After breakfast, the community gathered

to learn and share experiences when traveling/camping/boondocking and medical services in Mexico. Those "in the know" put to rest any fear and trepidation we might have felt.

That afternoon, Rain shared her passion for recycling (Stumpy also posted about Rain's recycling methods on her blog)

Homer paid close attention, but seemed unaffected

Stumpy was curious, too

Dinner at sunset: pasta and meat sauce ala Suanne.

Upper Camp at Sunset

Tuesday Jan 25

Early morning hike up Dome Rock. Look closely, you'll see Elena, Gary, Laurie and Silvianne.

Here they are! Well, two of them; I don't know where the other two went. Same shot, zoomed in.

Aficionados of Single Malt Scotch attended an educational experience in which they were able to taste both expensive brand names First Malt Scotch and obscure brands enabling them to compare and rate the bottles.

If you would like to participate in the 2nd Annual Single Malt Scotch Educational Experience you have a year to pick up either a really expensive or an obscure brand of Single Malt Scotch. Oh hell, just bring a bottle of scotch, next year. We're not that fussy!

Tuesday, Jan. 25
Bob measures for a solar installation

Wednesday and Thursday saw a large exodus from our camp and Quartzsite, in general. Ten of us remain, enjoying the camaraderie and the great weather.

We're still suffering through 70-80 degree temperatures during the day. At night, it gets pretty chilly. The campfire helps and I personally, haven't turned my heat on in the RV. I am from tough New England stock and am a firm believer of piling on the blankets. As soon as the sun rises, it's all good!


At some point I lost track of days, dates and my camera. Dates given are approximate.


  1. oh, thank-you THANK-YOU for such a great blog post! it makes me feel like i was there. well, a little :-) what an experience you guys musta had!

  2. Juat talked to a friend on the phone who is at your camp and loving it. Wish we were there too!
    signed: hurting in Central Massachusetts

  3. It was definitely fun... How are you and stumpy doin?

  4. This is such a great post! Everyone looks so different now, crazy how time flies. It was awesome seeing Many Wheels Brain's face again, miss him so! Even though it has grown over the years, we still make new friends every year and miss the ones that don't or can't come. Hope to see you all this year or camp with ya down the road!

    1. Those first RTRs are why I keep coming back. Missed last year sooooooooooo much. But, I can't wait for this years. See you there!!!