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Sunday, February 6, 2011

1984 Itasca Sundancer 24RC

I went to look at this Class C yesterday. Joe, the gentleman who is selling it just traded it for another vehicle. He has no knowledge with regard to it's history. It does come with all it's manuals and receipts for all kinds of maintenance and work, prior to 2000. So it looks like it's had only two owners, before Joe.

It's got a 350 Chevy engine with 77,000 miles. It's 23 feet, sleeps 5 and has a bed and bath in the rear. The vehicle also has an OnanRV 4.0 generator, installed. The engine is clean and the fluids look good. It seems like the vehicle was cared for, meticulously.

It needs 6 new tires, an AC roof cover and ceiling vent cover, and at least one battery. Although everything seemed to work on shore power the Itasca was just about out of gas and out of propane so that still needs to be checked. The water wasn't hooked up to see how the plumbing worked.

I looked online for comparable vehicles and at NADA and I think the Itasca is over-priced. Plus, I want to look at one in Nevada, that's a few years newer, has 15,000 less miles and the same or less in price.

For those of you also looking, Quartzsite and Yuma are supposed to have some serious deals. I did see some interesting vehicles on Craigslist.

1993 LAZY DAZE 26 FT Class C for $12,000.00, in Yuma.

hmmm...there was a RoadTrek, too...must have sold it.


  1. There don't seem to be many rigs around anymore with four burners on the stove top. :)

  2. Judy and Emma, That's ok with me! I don't plan on needing four burners!

  3. Don't think this will "post" but will try. I think the '84 Itasca is overpriced. I recently bought an '85 that looks exactly like it for $3500. I put $1000 into making it run better, and STILL have the interior to do. I thought 3500. was a bargain, but I could easily put another $3000. into an interior remodel. That includes getting rid of huge propane tank, and the ONAN generator for a portable Honda or Yamaha. I would go all solar electric (w/portable as backup). But, I have decided to go with a van, and maybe a small trailer behind. More to go wrong in an RV than flexibility of Van, with portable everything. Also, more expensive to repair and/or tow. If your travels take you up I-5 or 99 in CA I could show you the RV. Be more patient than I have been and you will find something just right.
    Best of Luck,

  4. JBarn, thanks for your input! I'm not a "Better Homes and Garden" kind of girl so I don't feel any need to re-do the interior, any time soon, nor would I be in a hurry to replace the generator and I like the huge propane tank. but I think IF (big IF) I decide to make an offer, it would be around $2500.00.

    Also, I won't be rushing into anything, I've waited this long... Sure wish I could fit my life into a van...

  5. Interesting. I enjoy reading about your shopping because, as you know, I am in a similar place myself. Good luck with your decision and keep keeping us informed! Kim

  6. Kim, it's great to have you along for this part of the ride! The next part will be even better!