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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

More RTR

I guess I'll be going on and on about the RTR, for awhile. I'm going through pictures and the memories make me laugh, all over again.

We had lots of entertainment while we were there. Most of it was unintentional. Johnny, however, was always happy to entertain us with his juggling skills.

Below is a mash up of Johnny and Hollywood Dave juggling. I only wish I was videoing when Johnny caught himself on fire. I can still picture it, though, and the picture in my mind is enough to bring tears (of laughter) to my eyes. Now THAT was funny!

Nelda and Jerry! I'm trying to email you but your emails aren't working or you have me blocked :(


  1. I want to know about the glow in the dark balls dave is juggling. I need to get some of those. Maybe they'd make me a better juggler. I could take my show on the road!

  2. Dogsmom, maybe we can join up, and create a show together!

    The balls are available, thru amazon at Nightlitze