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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Las Vegas RV Doctor, a review of services rendered

Recently I took a Class C motor home to the Las Vegas RV Doctor for a pre-purchase inspection.

Originally, I had planned to take it to a Big Name Chain (BNC) for the inspection. (Think the BIGGEST name in national service) I was quoted a price of $340.00 to inspect the coach and $229.00 to inspect the chassis and drive train. After recovering from the shock of that quote I got on the phone to get some more quotes. My first call was to the Las Vegas RV Doctor and I spoke with Darren, the manager. He quoted me a price of $150.00 for the complete inspection. I might have been a little leery of going someplace I had never heard of for repairs, but for inspection I was all in favor of saving $419.00! I made an appointment for the following week.

The business is right off of I15 and under normal conditions easily accessed. Due to roadwork and detours I was running late and was a little lost. I called Darren, to let him know and he gave me directions and got me there in no time. I no sooner stepped out of the vehicle and they pulled it inside, amoung all the mega $$$ RVs and got right to work.

The technician/mechanic came out to speak to me when he had completed the inspection. I was presented with a detailed report of what the vehicle needed along with estimates. Both Darren, the manger, and the mechanic knew I was new to the world of RVing. They took special care to make sure I understood and was comfortable with the comprehensive, detailed report.

I was made to feel, despite the older mini MH I was driving. They made sure I knew that I, and that old RV, was every bit important as the newer and more luxurious models in the garage. They were concerned with my safety!

I would not hesitate to bring a vehicle to the Las Vegas Rv Doctor, for any reason. I would advise anyone looking for service in the Las Vegas area to bring their vehicle there, also. These guys not only know RV's but they know customer service.

Their regular rate of pay, for service, is about $50.00 less than the BNC. That doesn't seem like much but it can add up fast. They also provide mobile service.

The services they offer seem to far exceed most! Wouldn't it be nice to get renovations done in the same building as your mechanical repairs?

I'm not the only one who liked them. In doing my homework I found three other individuals that gave this business excellent (not fair, not good, but EXCELLENT) reviews(two here and one on Merchant circle

And I found this website:RV Service Reviews. Which has an index of service providers listed by state and submitted by people like you and me. What a great resource! I'm going to add my reviews, and I hope you'll add yours.

I'd just like to say thanks to Darren and his team, for their great service. I'll see you, again, when I find another likely vehicle!

Las Vegas RV Doctor
Manager: Darren Parker
7770 Dean Martin Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89139
(702) 473-5362
Email Address:

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  1. Now THAT'S what I like to read. I really feel more RV'er should be doing these reviews on their Blogs in order to help other RV'ers out ! I'll definitely be checking these guys out as I'm going to be passing through that area very soon.

    AND I also think you should NAME that BIG NAME CHAIN so as to leave no doubt in anybody's mind.

    Thanks so much for that review.