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Sunday, March 27, 2011

My dream is for sale

You may remember, in an earlier post, I referred to my love of Gypsy wagons. My dream has been offered for sale on a local craigslist. It doesn't include the mules, which is fine.

Gypsy wagon custom built with stained glass - $7800

"Wooden 6x10 pull behind gypsy wagon. Beautiful stained glass windows, one of a kind, custom built. Tows wonderful lots of fun. Insulated and very well constructed. Will sell for $7800.00, i have close to that in just materials. Very unique."

I've emailed the seller for more information. I doubt that it is self contained. But if it is...


  1. Very Kool!!! Good Luck!!
    It looks beautiful inside.

  2. Nice! I'd like to hear the details also. There was a small camp of 5 or so "gypsy" rigs in the desert around Quartzsite for a short time this winter. They were soooooo cool and unique!-Nicole

  3. Beautiful and unique for sure. But self-contained...... Definitely keep us posted.

  4. I absolutely love the trim work. What a fun little home it could make.

  5. I love it! Have you heard back???

  6. The weight, both the GVRW and the weight of the trailer itself, couldn't be varified so I forced myself to pass.