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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

BBC's 'American Nomads"

Theo's in the shop getting basic maintenance and a few odds and ends taken care of.. I'm thrilled because all systems passed shop's inspection. She was the only RV I gave serious thought to purchasing without getting an inspection done. The logistics of her purchase just didn't allow for it. Not only that, but I didn't even have a mechanically-inclined friend available to go look at her, with me. I was more than a little nervous about the outcome.

BBC's version of the "American Nomad," definitely doesn't include me.

This is a clip from a four part series, that isn't available outside of the UK, to my knowledge.


  1. Enjoyed the video. I was a nomad when I was younger but just can't get into the mindset to do it now that I'm 64. I love to take trips in my motorhome but always am happy to return home.

  2. Good news on Theo! Yay! The video made me laugh over zero left. ;-)
    Will have to check to see if these vids are up on youtube. Thanks!

  3. I wish they would have an American series! Then they could do a section of those who live in their VW Buses! :) I know I met 2 others when I was on the road.

  4. Guess what I have? Go on, just guess :-D