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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Wierd Travel Gadgets

Oddee, one of my favorite funny websites list some weird travel gadgets. 

Stumpy's favorite
a heated car seat. I'm pretty sure there isn't much she wouldn't do to have this installed in her navigator's seat.

There are several ways to describe this stash. "Ewwww!" comes to mind, immediately
Seriously, NO-ONE is looking there, for your cash!

As someone preparing for a full-timin' life I am all about conserving space. I think these next three items could be combined.
A WiFi detection t-shirt

A USB powered air conditioned shirt

And the Traveler's Phrasebook T-Shirt
You might think this is only useful for foreign travel. But, I can see a use for it right here in the USA when I think about some of the accents one hears in different parts of the country.

And lastly, for those boon-dockers digging cat holes
It's suggested this travel bidet is for foreign travel. I know there's some full and part-timers out there that might appreciate a splash!

You might also enjoy Oddee's post: 10 Coolest Travel Trailers

Check them out for more weird travel gadgets and more information on the items I have posted.


  1. The heated car seat looks like a winner! The pre-stained undies, not so much. LOL!

  2. ha, why pay for the undie stash when there's probably a pair in the laundry basket? EWWW!

  3. The girls would love that seat. Thank goodness we aren't where it gets that cold for too long especially when we're traveling. Ick!!

  4. Em...the money thing....disturbing...eeeks! One must not read blogs before bedtime. Do not embed in my dreams Mr Money pants!

  5. Another good laugh this morning. Thanks! :) :) :) When I say another it's because I just came from the Good Luck Duck!

  6. Hahaha! These are great! Love the racing stripe manties. You're right - poop minds think alike.


    OH MAN!!! My verification code is "burds."

  7. Are you getting your stock together for a vendor spot at Q?

    If the owner of those undies had just purchased the bidet, the tragedy could have been thwarted. Let that be a lesson to everyone.

  8. Love this post of fun stuff, especially the doggie seat.

  9. HAHAHa love the underwear, I'd leave in the hamper too.
    I need to ask why I can't follow this blog. It won't allow me to. HMMMMM

  10. Hi Cyndi...I always forget to tell you I really like the drawing of the Vardo.... nice!

    I also love the quotes you have put up on the side of your blog....

    Wondering how your new home is coming along...

  11. “...not all those who wander are lost..."

    Just us old coots who can't figure out how GPS systems work... Lol

    Thanks for the laugh!

    - Seraphim